Written For You

John 8:8  Then he stooped down again and wrote in the dust.

hopeWe all remember the story of the woman who is brought to Jesus by the religious leaders and presented as an adulteress, worthy of being stoned. We can picture in our minds the woman standing by Jesus with her head down. I’m sure she was looking down in fear and in shame.

Jesus goes to the ground and starts to write in the dust. Remember, that was the exact direction she was looking.

I’ve often pondered what Jesus was writing in the dust. One thing I do know is that Jesus was writing in the direction that the woman was looking. I also know Christ had a message for this woman. One of Hope and of a future. You can just imagine His message in the sand.

You are a beautiful person. You have value. God loves you. There is hope for you today and tomorrow. Ultimately, the words Christ spoke to her were very simple. Young lady, I do not judge you. Go forward with your life, in a New Direction.

For you, today, and for each of us, Christ is writing a message in the sand. That you are with hope. That you are a beautiful and wonderful person. That you can live today and tomorrow with New Direction and purpose.

Even as important, you can be the person that writes in the sand for another. It’s not difficult. It’s just seeking the opportunity to plant a small but simple message of encouragement and redemption. Take this chance to thank God for writing that message for you. Take this chance to find someone else to write in the sand for today.

Have a blessed day.

~Dean Burnetti


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