Are You All In?

Psalms 130:5 “I am counting on the Lord ; yes, I am counting on him. I have put my hope in his word.”

pokerI am not a gambler.  I have friends who are in a big way in to Texas Hold ‘Em, Black Jack, and the like.

I wont lie. I have tried it. It looks fun, but I always lose my chips. It’s simply not for me.  For others they just like to bet.

I remember one of my gambling friends discussing the subject matter of the art of gambling who said to me that, “What you do, Dean, is no different. You bet on God. You bet that He’s going to make you a winner.” I’ve often thought of that conversation. Ultimately what is the difference between what we do and what the Gambler does?

I recently got to pick back up on that conversation with my friend. I told him that I have thought about this long, and there is a big difference between betting on God and betting on your luck at the casino. You see, the Bible does not say that we bet on God. It says that we count on God.

God has made us promises, and we count on those promises and make God our Hope. We are not counting on God for Good Fortune. We are counting on God to be our Fortune.

Gambling is built on chance, odds, and skill. Counting on God is based on God’s promises, our faith, and the Hope that we create through that faith in God. It is a bet that is not based upon chance or skill. It is an absolute win.

Today you may be feeling like you are betting and desperately praying that you win in life. Such is farthest from reality. Claim the promises of God, place your faith in God, and live in the hope that absolutely God will control. You’ll never be disappointed that you have  counted on God.

Have a blessed day.

~Dean Burnetti


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