Open Door Policy

Revelation 3:8 “I know all the things you do, and I have opened a door for you that no one can close.”

Have you ever felt that God has opened a door for you but trouble still comes your way? It’s as though you start to doubt whether God really even opened the door in the first place.

In these times, you may wonder if I should back out and look at it again. Decide whether this is really the door God wanted me to go through.

These types of doubts are common amongst all of us as believers. We feel strongly that God wants us to proceed through an opportunity that He creates for us, but yet once we’re through the door, doubt starts to creep up because everything doesn’t necessarily work out perfectly as we expected.

Just because we go through a door God opens doesn’t mean that there’s not going to be times of doubt when everything doesn’t seem to work out perfectly. It’s during these times that we have to really be strong and claim a promise from God that once He opens the door for us, no one can shut it. That means we can stand firm and go forward with confidence.

Yes, there will be some doubts, and, yes, everything will not always work out perfectly.
For us as Believers we have to shake off the doubt and claim the confidence. This is the promise that we see here in Scripture. That God does not change his mind once He opens a door for us. That no one will close that door once God opens it. If it is His will for our life, we need to claim it and be confident in our steps.

Today, and each and every day, as you walk through the doors that God opens for you, claim this promise: that no one who wishes you failure, not even Satan himself, can close the doors that the Lord opens for you.

Be strong in the Lord.

Have a blessed day.

~Dean Burnetti


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