There Is Time

1 Timothy 4:8 “Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come.”

I remember some years ago attending a Promise Keepers conference in Colorado. There, on a Saturday evening, the featured speaker was Dr. Dobson.

RunningFeetHe spoke about those things that are important in life and those things that will last for eternity. The conclusion or core of his message was that the only things that would survive into eternity will be: 1. your service to God, and 2. the time you spend with others you love in that service.

For you as a believer, you primarily have one thing to invest and that is your time. For most of us our investment is often 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work or more, and hopefully another 6 to 8 hours of personal time.

I have tried over the last month to keep track of how much time I’m actually spending in the word of God and in prayer. Time in praise and worship. Sad to say it makes up a very small fraction of my day.

I’ve also come to appreciate that all of my day can be spent in dedication and in service to God. When I exercise in the gym, when I’m performing my job, and, yes, even when I’m asleep, I can do so with an attitude that all that I’m doing, I do so with an intent to bring glory to God.

It starts with an attitude.

You can serve God in everything you do. If you can’t, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.
Today, in every new task you commence, start by pausing and dedicating your new task as a chance to serve Him. Don’t be surprised how God will create doors of opportunity.
Praise the Lord. All day long.

Have a blessed day.

~Dean Burnetti


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