God Loves Your Eyes

Psalms 25:15 “My eyes are ever toward the Lord…”

Do you ever remember as a child standing over an anthill just to observe the movement of ants going back and forth? It seemed as though they are never aware of what is around them other than what is the task directly in front of them. I guess that’s why they call them worker ants.

For us as Christians, we often find ourselves scurrying around just like that team of worker ants. We are just so caught up in the work tasks of the day that we are not aware of more than two steps ahead.

eyesI believe that there is significance to what the Psalmist said. That his eyes are ever toward the Lord.

This sounds rather simple to live with. But why then do we find ourselves unable to pause for prayer and reflection upon God, away from the physical tasks of our day?

I am reminded by a statement that I have heard on more than one occasion, that no one at the end of life will ever wish that they had spent more time at work and less time with their family.

I believe the same could be said for us as followers of Christ that at the end of our life, no one will ever say that they wish that they had spent less time in prayer and more time at the office.

Today, set your clock for every hour, on the hour, to at least look up for a short prayer and to look up with pleasure to enjoy the presence of the Lord. Never let it be said that we spent less time with the things that are the most important. Our relationships. Our time with our loved ones. Our vision upward in the direction of God.


Have a blessed day.

~Dean Burnetti


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