Define Blessed

Psalm 1:1 “Blessed is the one…”

The world often assumes that to be blessed means to prosper, to advance in life in a positive way.  If we make more money we are blessed.  If we are promoted in our position at work we are blessed.

Although these things can be a blessing, it should not be the focus of us as believers. As followers of Christ, to be blessed is the state of mind and heart that arises from our relationship with and service for Christ.

blessedWe are in joy and contentment, whether we are rich or poor. Whether we are driving a Mercedes or a Volkswagen. Whether we are president or janitor.

The Apostle Paul states that in whatever position we find ourselves, we are to be content and at peace in that place.

During your life, you may be rich and then become poor. You may be on top and then on the bottom several times with no apparent reason. For all of us, life will have hills and valleys.

The difference for the follower of Christ is that he or she can, despite hills and valleys, always be Blessed.

Today, your contentment in whatever position or circumstance you find yourself is the gift that will make the difference.

That is the definition of Blessed.

Have a blessed day.

~Dean Burnetti


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