Tell Everybody

1 Chronicles 16:8 Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim his greatness. Let the whole world know what he has done.

She Said blogEarlier this week, someone that occasionally does work for us approached my wife. They were very upset because they were being evicted from their house, as someone had purchased the house in an auction from the original owners. They had nowhere to go.

You could see the despair and worry in their eyes. They wanted to know whether we knew anyone who had a house to rent and asked us to pray for them as they were overwhelmed. We prayed for them.

As soon as my wife and I woke this morning, we heard the doorbell ring. It was our worker. Everything had changed. The new owners had offered them an invitation to stay in the house.  They were filled with joy.

There is a time to pray when we are faced with troubling circumstances. But there’s also a time to give praise. What impressed me about this lady was that she came directly to our house and rang the doorbell to proclaim to us that God had answered her prayers.

She did exactly what the scripture tells us to do — to pray in our time of trouble. But once God rescues us, we are to take time and give thanks, not just to ourselves and the people standing close by, but we are to proclaim it to the world.

Through that process of prayer and God answering our prayer, we then can proclaim it to the world. We can use it as a way to bring honor and glory to God, spread the good news of Jesus Christ, and build our own faith with those around us who are already believers.

Do not miss your opportunities to be thankful with a message of praise of what God has done for you.

Have a blessed weekend, and a safe and Happy Fourth of July.

~Dean Burnetti


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