God Bless You

1 John 4:18 “Such love has no fear, because perfect love expels all fear.”

This week, I was in downtown St. Petersburg. I was there to do business and see a new client. After my meeting, I went to a local restaurant in the downtown area. It was getting close to sunset as I left. As I headed toward my car, a group of young men approached me from the other direction on the sidewalk. They were dressed in what I thought was rather tough looking clothes with some chains on and pants hanging rather low. As they got closer to me, I grew apprehensive. What if they jumped me?  What would I do?  I’d left my can of pepper spray in the truck. The closer we came to crossing paths, the more fear I felt.

Just as my foot crossed the line in the sidewalk that separated us, the fellow in the front of the pack raised his head and said, “God bless,” then kept walking. Who knows who that guy was a year ago. But it was obvious that at some point he had crossed paths with Lord.


At the moment he said the words God bless, all of my fear was dispelled. It was so quick that I forgot to respond back to him with a, “Bless you, too.”  It’s amazing how the Spirit of God displayed through you to another person can dispel all fear and anxiety.

Today, you may cross paths with someone who is experiencing fear and anxiety due to their life circumstance. But the words that come from your mouth might be all they need to calm their spirit. Sometimes just words as simple as God bless you can change the world.

Be kind. And God bless you.

Have a blessed weekend.

~Dean Burnetti


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