Covet the Storm

Psalm 107:29-30 “He made the storm as quiet as a whisper. The waves of the ocean calmed down.  The people were glad when the ocean became calm. Then he guided them to the harbor they were looking for.”

The storm is here. The edge of Tropical Storm Hermine has rolled into Tampa Bay.


If you have never endured a hurricane, it can be emotionally exhausting. They just last so long. You can’t rest. Watching TV can even be sporadic. And how about those cold dinners in a can?  What’s even worse are the cold showers as the hot water tank drains out.  What wonderful memories.

But know your experiences surviving storms can take you to new growth. Each time you endure, you become a little less reactive. You become calm in the storm.

God does not promise that He will quiet every storm we encounter in life. What He doespromise is that He will keep us calm. Just as He calms the waves, so He calms your heart.

In that calmness, God says He will take you to the harbor you are seeking. Not that He will take you to the harbor so that you can then be calmed. The calmness and peace in your heart is created by God “in the storm.”

Today, look forward to the storms of life.  Allow God to work His miracle of peace in you.

Have a blessed day.

~Dean Burnetti


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