Labor Day

Colossians 3:23 “Work at everything you do with all your heart.”

Work as if you were working for the Lord, not for human masters.

Today is Labor Day. Much is said about the workers in the United States today.  Politicians lately make it their platform, claiming they will  return jobs to our workers.  It sounds good, but I think they all said that in the last election, too.


But much is owed to the American worker in our history.  So, we honor them today for their contribution to the strength of our country.

When I was a small child, at about the age of five, my father was on a construction site.  He was a laborer working for a home builder in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

I remember the commotion in our house when we found out that my dad had been working on a construction when a wall had caved in on him!

As a result of that accident, my father eventually ended up having  major back surgery.  It involved stainless steel rods and screws.  I remember my father recovering
over a period of months. He then returned back to work as a laborer for the next twenty plus years.

Each day, he would fasten on a back brace that went from just below his  chest all the way down to the base of his lower back.  I remember first-hand the contribution and sacrifice that he made.  His sacrifice was not just because he was a proud worker, but it was also because he was loyal to his family.

I was, and I’m still, proud of my father.

He’s passed away some years ago now. I will be visiting his grave site today to honor him as a great man. And, yes, he was a laborer.

Today, recognize that although we may all have opinions about organized labor and big business, the purpose of Labor Day is to honor the worker.

None of us are too good to recognize that we should be thankful to the sacrifice that has been made before us. Thank God for the American Worker. They are a blessing to all of us.

Have a blessed holiday.

~Dean Burnetti


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