The Ultimate Compliment

Romans 1:8 “…People all over the world are talking about your faith.”

Yesterday, on 9/11, many of us had the opportunity to hear fireman who survived the most tragic of days in our history.  I was moved by the interviews I heard of several firemen who were on Ground Zero.

In particular, one young fireman spoke about the fear for his friends not surviving that terrible day. Many of them did not. He spoke about the joy of life and the tragedy of death. He spoke of how he remembered those who were lost.

I was impressed with his reflections of what he remembered of his fallen friends. However, that they were great fireman was not the emphasis to his compliments. It was simply that they were great people —  Great fathers who loved their jobs, who loved their families, and who loved their God.

I often wonder what would be the ultimate compliment for me as a believer in memory of why I am here. I think what we see coming from the Apostle Paul directed to the believers in Rome is probably about as good as it gets.

Paul says to those believers, “People all over the world are talking about your faith.”

I can’t think of a more over-the-top compliment than to hear that people all over the worldare talking about my faith.

Today, how are you known as it relates to your faith?

For me, I can’t think of a greater desire than to be known as a man of faith.  It all starts with a daily relationship and walk with Jesus Christ.

Take your first steps today.  Spend time with God in prayer, and then walk with Him. You will be remembered by your faith.

Have a blessed day.

~Dean Burnetti


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