How Can I Make It Through Today?

Romans 12:12  “Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.”

We all have those kind of days. When I was young, it seemed like one per week. Now it seems like every other day.

What I’m talking about are the pile of problems we’re faced with during the course of our day and our reaction. Any single trouble is not that big, but when they are thrown at you all together, they can feel just so heavy!

I find it similar to riding my bike up one of those steep hills. At some point, on the way up, the burn and fatigue can feel like it is just too much.  It’s on those days I find my journey is not getting easier. There’s always a force that doesn’t want me to succeed.


So, how do you take the hill of trouble?  Today’s scripture tells us to:

1. Rejoice in your confident hope. Our confident hope of is what arises from our daily relationship with Jesus Christ. You rejoice because He loves you. You rejoice because you love Him.

2. React to the troubles in the patience that is created just as fruit is from a tree.That fruit of patience is produced from your personal time with Christ. From the answered blessings and prayers you realize during your today and yesterday.

3. Keep on praying. Keep on talking to God. If you can keep the channels of communication with God open, you can handle piles of trouble no matter how wide or deep. In that place there is no trouble that’s too great.

Have a blessed day.

~Dean Burnetti


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