Build Them Up

II Corinthians 10:9 “…authority builds you up; it doesn’t tear you down.”

Most of us, at one time or another, have dreamed of getting to be the boss. For some, it’s the hunger of being the decision maker. Others believe it’s because of their Type A personality.  No doubt, some are destined to be in positions of power.

riseBut on some level, we’re each placed in forms of authority over others.  As teachers, coaches, managers, supervisors, or by the simple fact that you’re the oldest guy in the room, you may be the one someone else is looking to for guidance and opinion.

But with power comes great responsibility. (Yes, borrowed from Spiderman.)  Your responsibility is to build up others that you are in authority over.

Your words, your acknowledgement, your approval,your love, your decisions, and your opinions… These must all be pointed toward a purpose to not just express yourself, but to build into the life of someone else who is looking to you for help. Yes, this is a quest for you to be Christ-like.

If your’re going to be boss, do it right.

I pray God will mold you into the leader who is remembered as the builder of men and women with a positive image for Christ. You will have an impression upon everyone you touch, whether you realize it or not.  Let it be Christ.

Have a blessed weekend.

~Dean Burnetti


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