They Will Never Believe Me

 Luke 1:37 – “For no word from God will ever fail.”

The Virgin Mary was just confronted by an angel. Sounds like an amazing experience that would have been so uplifting. But you can only imagine the anxiety and rush of despair that must have come over her when she realized that she was going to have to explain to her future husband that she was already pregnant!  No matter how wonderful and blessed she was, the reality of what she faced surely created a sense of panic.

maryA new year has commenced for all of us. With the new year, we’re faced with our resolutions and goals.

In many instances, God will open doors for us that creates, in many cases, a sense of fear and despair with the difficulties involved in stepping through those doors. Just like Mary, we will have to deal with those challenges.

What did the angel say to her in response to her disbelief and despair?  That the promises of God and His Word would never fail.

This truth applies to us even more so today. The steps to opportunity that God creates almost always require steps of faith. What we can always hold fast to is that God’s promises, His word, never fails.

Hold tight.

Have a blessed day!

~Dean Burnetti


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