Trust Me

Isaiah 12:2  “God, you are the one who saves us. We will trust in you. Then we won’t be afraid.  Lord, you give us strength. We sing about you. Lord, you have saved us.”

You can trust me.

Such is what I heard from a contractor seeking my commitment about work I was to have performed on my house. The contractor wanted me to give him half of the money up front. The next half would be paid on completion of the work.

So, I wrote a check for the first half. That was the last time I ever actually saw that contractor. I spoke to him several times over the phone but never saw him again.

Eventually I got someone else to do the work.


We all have experiences that makes us afraid to trust others in life.  We can become callused and suspicious of everyone and their motives.  It can, for many, lead to a level of fear about the steps we take.  That fear can serve as an impediment to placing our trust in even God.

As believers, our trust in God will never, never, never be betrayed. The world, even family and friends, may betray, but God will always be there.  Even at our end of life God will be there for you.

That is why we do not live in fear. Then sing a song of praise and rejoice.

Have a blessed day!

~Dean Burnetti


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