A Good Wife

Proverbs 18:22 – “The one who finds a wife finds what is good. He receives favor from the Lord.”

pattiHow is it that if a man finds a good wife that he receives God’s favor?  I’ve spent the last few days pondering this question.

  • I believe to answer the question, you have to first list the attributes of a good wife.
  • A good wife is a woman who loves God first. She loves her husband a whole bunch but God a little bit more.
  • A good wife is a prayer warrior and intercessor for her husband. She is convinced she can be an instrument to take him to success.
  • A good wife is a woman who knows Christ as her personal savior. She hungers for her husband and children to know and experience Christ, just as she does.
  • A good wife attracts her husband to look forward to each tomorrow as a day of opportunity.
  • Because of a good wife her husband has meaning in his days on earth.

A man who has a good wife will know the favor of God.  It’s because of her that his life is blessed in prayer and encouragement.

God’s blessings and favor will be inevitable to a man with such a woman.

Have a blessed weekend!

~Dean Burnetti


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