Why Me?

Proverbs 3:12 – “The Lord trains those he loves. He is like a father who trains the son he is pleased with.”

Confident male doctor standing with closed eyes over white backgMy friend just received a report from the doctor. His cancer is back. What he thought was a wonderful healing process after his initial diagnosis has taken a turn for the worse. He had thought and claimed that he was healed. Now this. I remember his words, “Why me?”

From the time we born again until the day we join Christ in heaven, we are on a journey. Every step, every experience, is a part of our training. For us, some steps may seem as less than positive ones. Nevertheless, it’s part of the trip. It will be used to shape us and to mold us into the image of Jesus.

For us as believers, Jesus has a promise that never ends. That promise is that in all we endure and experience on our journey, God uses it for our benefit and good to shape us to be just like Jesus.

Today, know that there is hope.  Nothing that may seem bad can derail from the destiny God has chosen for us.  God promises that He will use even the bad events to our advantage.

Have a blessed day!

~Dean Burnetti


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