How will you be remembered?

Mark 14:51-52  “A certain young man was following him (Jesus), wearing nothing but a linen cloth. They (the guards) caught hold of him, but he left a linen cloth and ran off naked.”

runningI’ve often thought of how and what events I want to be remembered by, in life and thereafter. In this particular passage, the events occur after Jesus was arrested and was being led off to the high priest. An unidentified young man, while following Jesus, was grabbed by the same guards who just arrested Jesus.

At that moment, the young man had to make a split decision. Should I stand or should I run?  In an instance, he made a decision and dashed.  The problem was that the guards grabbed his linen cloth apparel and ripped it off of him as he ran.

As a result, he ended up running into the darkness both naked and in fear.  The sad truth is that this is how that young man will forever be remembered in the story of the gospel. When it came time for him act, rather than choosing to keep his alliance with the company of Jesus, he instead ran away into the darkness of the night afraid and naked.

For each of us there are defining moments and opportunities that confront us. It may be the chance to respond to a small child who needs our attention. It may be to open the door for somebody who is not physically capable. It may be a chance to witness to someone else.

Regardless of the opportunities, they are our decisions. Make a decision to be with Christ in the face of opportunities that are before you this weekend and the week that follows.

Don’ let it be said of us that we fled from the side of the Lord when we could have been an ambassador of Christ to the world by action, word, and deed.

Have a blessed day!

~Dean Burnetti


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