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Mark 9:36-37 – “Jesus took a little child and had the child stand among them. Then he took the child in his arms. He said to them, ‘Anyone who welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me. And anyone who welcomes me doesn’t welcome only me but also the One who sent me.’”


I took my grandsons to do something that I haven’t done in a very long time. We all went fishing. I have four grandsons that range in ages from 7 to 12. They’ve been at my house this week for spring break, and I wanted to do at least something special to create some good memories of their grandpa as more than an old fart who can’t seem to ever take off from work. So I cancelled the day and took them all fishing.

We started with a trip to the bait shop for worms and crickets. Thereafter, we went through the trouble of baiting hooks. My biggest fear was that we were going to end up with hooks stuck in each other! But we survived. In fact, I was so happy that they caught two fish.

We took our fish back to the house, and I scaled and cleaned each one of them. I can’t say they were very large. They amounted to probably a morsel that might fit on a piece of white bread to make a sandwich, but nonetheless, they were our catch and our victory.

We lost part of one of our fishing poles in the water, but actually, that was okay. The cost of that $25 rod and reel is nothing compared to the chance to spend time with these boys.


This is a message to all you busy grandpas and dads: Christ himself took the opportunity to emphasize about the value of time and acceptance of the children around us. To accept and receive a child is, in a sense, to receive Christ.

It is the purest and greatest form of love that could be communicated from our children.
Make an effort to take the time even this weekend to make some special memories with the children around you.

Have a blessed weekend!

~Dean Burnetti


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