Poor Thing

Isaiah 6:8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord. He said, “Who will I send? Who will go for us?” I said, “Here I am. Send me!”

Yesterday I was coming back from Brandon after meeting with a new client. It was Sunday. We had a great day time at church, and I had really been moved in the service by the pastor on the subject of taking care of family, believers, and others God places before us.

rainPatti and I were getting off the Polk Parkway at the Auburndale exit on Old Dixie Highway when we noticed a woman who was walking in the rain storm with a grocery bag. As I passed her, I said out loud, “That poor thing — She’s walking in the rain. I wish someone would give her a ride.” I actually even noticed a car on the side of the road ahead and thought maybe that may have been hers that had broken down.

When I said the words ‘poor thing,’ I realized it was my way of feeling better or showing that I had sympathy for her situation.  I suddenly felt God speak. I then did a U-turn and went back to circle around and pick her up to give her a ride.

Evidently she’d walked for over a mile from the grocery store to buy a few items and was walking all the way for another mile and a half from where she was to her trailer park.

She was so thankful. She was soaking wet. Over and over again, she kept telling us that she was so thankful that we had stopped to give her a ride in the rain.

As believers, we have many opportunities to serve. The question is are we sensitive to God when He speaks to us about our action in the face of opportunity. The sad part is that just like me, so many of us look at our opportunities when someone is in need and simply make ourselves feel better by uttering those terrible words ‘poor thing, I wish somebody would help her.’

Today, commit yourself to be sensitive to God as He  speaks to your heart as opportunity is presented. That doesn’t mean that you have to stop and give every hitchhiker a ride. What it does mean is that when God speaks that you simply don’t cop out by voicing that you have an emotion of sympathy for a world around you that is in need. You react and you act in faith.

I am telling you now that God will bless you in so many ways if you will hear and move at His direction.

Have a blessed day!

~Dean Burnetti


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