Get An Attitude

Philippians 2:5 – “You must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had.”

Today I had to pass through a security checkpoint on my way into a courthouse. Although it’s becoming more and more customary to pass through security, whether at the courthouse or an airport, it can still sometimes be a little frustrating trying to get all your things in the bin and your pockets emptied.  Sometimes you have to take your shoes off; sometimes not.  Sometimes they make you take your belt off; sometimes they don’t. In some places, you have to put your laptop in a separate bin; sometimes you can just leave it in your bag. It can be intimidating, I’m sure, to those who don’t often go through security lines.


Today, the man in front of me was quite frustrated. He was using a walker, and they demanded that he take his belt off. He complained that if he took his belt off, his pants would fall down. He stated that he had to hold onto his walker in order to move through the security or just to walk independently at all. He was very verbal and quite upset. In fact, at some point, someone had to hold on to his pants as he walked through the security just so he could make it to the other side!

I really think he was just embarrassed. He was intimidated by what was around him.

For us as Christians, we face things that intimidate and can challenge us, often on a daily basis.

The secret for us is what we read in today’s scripture — That we put on an attitude of Christ. We watch our temper and take everything in stride knowing that the world around us is watching. We are ambassadors of Christ and must conduct ourselves with a calmness taking the most intimidating environments and hopefully making it look easy through our attitude.

Today, take a deep breath and ask God to fill you with the Spirit and attitude of Christ. It will make the security lines of life a whole lot easier.

Have a blessed day!

~Dean Burnetti


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