If I Could Just See You

Hebrews 11:1 – “Faith is being sure of what we hope for. It is being certain of what we do not see.”

I’ve often thought: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if God would just appear in person before me one time? Just talk to me for five minutes, in person. Allow me to reach out and touch His hand.


I think that would make all the difference for establishing a certainty in my heart that He is there and interested in me. I think if that occurred, I’d never have a doubt in my heart about the journey that I’m on. I’d never question, because I’d have the reality of having seen God in person, to have touched His hand. I’d be able to covet that He actually spoke to me in person and addressed me by name.

Truth be told, even if this meeting occurred, by my own human nature, I’d sooner or later drift into some form of doubt.

If we look back at the nation of Israel, as they were in the wilderness, they repeatedly dealt with the need for the presence of God that was actually all around them. They saw His face shine from the countenance of Moses. Even despite God’s presence, they still drifted into doubt and disbelief.

As believers, we live in faith. That faith becomes the certainty which is through the experiences that we realize on a daily basis in our walk with Jesus Christ. When we see Him move in our life, it creates the faith and certainty that will take us through our journey.

Yes, I believe that one day we will get to stand in the presence of God in person. We will get to see His face. We will touch His hand, and He will address us each by name.

Until that day, we have hope. That hope is in our present and future relationship with Jesus Christ.

Today, claim this promise: Your strength is in your faith.  Build that faith as you see God at work in your daily journey. It is from those experiences that you build your faith and the certainty of your hope for the future.

Have a blessed day!

~Dean Burnetti


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