Hide And Seek

Psalms 119:10 – “I have tried hard to find you— don’t let me wander from your commands.”

I remember as a youngster growing up in Illinois, I often stayed at my Aunt Betty’s house and visited my cousins, Darrel and Farrell. I used to have great time with them. One thing I’ll never forget is when Aunt Betty would run us out of the house.

soldierMy cousins and I often ended up playing hide and seek. I don’t mean any kind of hide and seek. This was intense. We would hide in the most difficult places, including the roof on the garage. High up in the big oak trees was not unheard of.  And then, even when you were found, you had to be tagged before you got to home base. This was intense combat-style hide and seek at its core.

Ultimately, our hide and seek games went for hours.  I rarely ever won and usually came away with bruises, scrapes, and marks. But I definitely gave it my best.

The psalmist tells us that he has tried hard to find God.  This search can lead to what is not a bad question to ask oneself. Namely, how hard have you really tried to find God?

Ask yourself at the end of each day, how many times you’ve talked to God today. That’s one of the quickest ways in my mind to measure my own efforts. And, no, I don’t walk in my own efforts. But the patterns or habits I set during my day of how often I talk to the Lord and how many minutes I spend looking at His word are markers about the success of my daily walk with Christ.

It’s almost like turning back after a long walk in the snow to see the patterns of your footprints you’ve left behind you. It can be a good measure and give you insight that you can use for tomorrow.

I’m not saying try hard to be righteous. What I am saying is to try hard to create habits about your prayer life and communication with God.  Go for it!

Have a blessed day!

~Dean Burnetti


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