Going Through the Motions

Isaiah 29:13 – “The Lord said, These people claim to worship me, but their words are meaningless, and their hearts are somewhere else. Their religion is nothing but human rules and traditions, which they have simply memorized.”

This morning, as I exited my closet with my suit on, there sat Sesena looking at me as though she was well-groomed and ready to go.


You see, I don’t even have to ask her anymore whether she’s ready to go to work. She knows exactly when it’s time to leave for the office. She makes her usual run from the bedroom door into the dining room where she drags herself across the carpet and gives her cutest look. She then trots down the hallway ahead of me by four or five feet and makes a beeline directly to the door leading to the garage.

As soon as the door is opened, she makes her run for the door of the truck and then jumps up and down. She does this ritual every day. What started off as a novelty has now become her habit.

Even though this is a habit for Sesena, she’s still excited about her course. The intensity and obvious desire she has to get in the truck to go to the office and perform her duties is still alive and well. I guess when she eventually gets tired of going to the office, if that ever does happen, she’ll simply stop her morning ritual.

For many of us as believers, we can develop spiritual habits that are otherwise good concerning our service to God. During times in our lives when we are fervent in our walk with the Lord, we do so with heart and anticipation. But if we aren’t careful, our service to God can drift into habits of emptiness.

Today’s scripture describes the necessity to keep our habit of church attendance, prayer, and worship grounded in a place where our heart is.  Today, take some time to  examine where your heart is. Habits are okay, but those routines still demand that we, as followers, engage our heart in the experience.

Today don’t forget that we need Jesus to be engaged along our side every day. Our hearts need to be in our habits.

Have a blessed day!

~Dean Burnetti


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