Everything is Yours

I have known many people who’ve owned what I would, at minimum, consider vast holdings of property.  I recently spoke to one very successful friend who complained about the amount of property tax they had to pay. It was in the tens of thousands each year.  Wow!  (Not to say that I wouldn’t mind having that problem.)

homeI remember when my dad bought our first house. I was so proud. When I met up with the other kids in my neighborhood, I’d proudly point to my house and say, “That’s my house. My dad bought that house for me.”  There’s a certain amount of pride, safety, and security created by being able to declare to the world that, “This property is mine.”

The Bible tells us that everything in heaven and on earth is God’s. That means every square inch and every corner. God has appointed you and I as the keepers of all that is His.

No matter where you find yourself in the status of property ownership, know that your Father owns it all.  Whether in a trailer, apartment, or castle, you should stand secure.

The place where you live belongs to your Dad. He bought that for you.

Have a blessed weekend.

~Dean Burnetti


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