All the Strength You Need

Philippians 4:13 – “I have the strength to face all conditions by the power that Christ gives me.”

As a young boy in Illinois, I spent many days during the summer wandering through the fields of overgrown weeds looking for bugs and butterflies. Yes, I was a bug and butterfly collector.  I would find, catch, and mount my bugs and butterflies in shadow boxes for display.  It was a hobby that would take up hours of my time during the summer.


One of the things that I often looked for in the fields were milkweed plants. I knew if I could find milkweed plants, I’d often find monarch butterfly caterpillars and cocoons. I could lay in the weeds for what seemed like hours and watch  the caterpillars inching their way up the milkweed plant. They were slow for sure, but never were they without the ability, ever so gradual, to make their way up the plant so they could ultimately build their cocoon.

I am sure to heavenly beings, we must seem so slow in our wandering from place to place as we reach our place to build our cocoon.  I must admit there are days when l wonder if I will make it to the end.  It’s in those times that I have to give it over to God. To rely on the Lord for the strength I just don’t have.

Paul never said that he had the strength. He says that he has the strength to face any condition or circumstance through the power of God that he has been given.

Today, you may be facing some significant and difficult circumstance in your life. Do not stand on your own. Lean on God and ask Him for the power that you need to face today’s difficulties in your life.

He has promised that He will provide you all the strength that you need to confront every hard  road ahead.  Rest in Him.  Rely in His power.

Have a blessed day.

~Dean Burnetti


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