Obedience with Heart

Psalm 119:2 – “Happy are those who follow his commands, who obey him with all their heart.”

Yesterday, I had the opportunity could see the Tampa Rays play the Boston Red Sox. It was a wonderful game, and we ultimately won. What a day. Go Rays!!

raysBut I’ve also noticed that you often see the best andthe worst in people at baseball games.  Sitting directly in front of us was a mother and her 2 young boys. They were in the 8 to 11 year old range. Both were delightful and good boys. One of the boys, though, was mama’s little boy. He leaned on his mom. He talked to his mom. Whatever she told him to do, he would run to attend to her wishes.

Now the other boy was a different story. He was there to see that baseball game. He knew the stats, he knew how to cheer, and he knew the details of the game. His attention was not in any way directed toward his mom. So when she asked him to do things, to take something to the trash or go get her something to eat or drink, his response was, “Oh, Mom, do I really have to?”  He was not interested in doing what his mother asked him to do.  Although he did it, his heart wasn’t in it.

There is a difference between obedience and obedience with heart. All though we as Christians need to obey even when we don’t want to, the better place for us to be as followers of Christ is to be in obedience with heart. In other words, we should have a hunger to do what’s right and not just to do what’s required of us by God.

Today, seek to serve with heart.  Ask God to give you pleasure in your service. Seek to be obedient in your heart. There your actions will follow.

Have a blessed day.

~Dean Burnetti


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